The Science Behind The Best Tactical Flashlights

buy a tactical LED flashlightSelf-defense is one of most important personal considerations, that is why people always carry small gadgets to assist them in times of need. These gadgets may range from handguns pocketknives and in some instances pepper sprays. Not all places one can have access while carrying these weapons, some are restricted. However, with a flashlight, no one will bother you. A tactical flashlight is a small device capable of emitting more light and is made of a strong light material in order to withstand extreme conditions. Initially, they were meant for armed forces and police. However, there is no prohibition for civilian ownership, the demand and use of these flashlights is rising. We’ve put together a best tactical flashlights guide you can use and keep in mind when buying your first.

Importance of carrying a flashlight

— It helps to confront the attacker
Attackers do not notify when they are striking they make a surprise attack. In such situation, one may try to use anything in hand to repulse even if you were holding something that cannot help. Having a flashlight in such moments can be of great assistance, it calls for just direct a beam of light toward the attacker’s eye. This will cause him to be confused for a moment, therefore leaving you with either option to attack him or run for your safety.

— Can be used as a simple weapon
It is made from a hard material especially hardened aluminum that can resist damage. Unlike the conventional flashlight that breaks on falling, tactical one is more resistant to damage even when they hit a hard surface. This property makes it ideal for personal safety. Some come equipped with a hard-teethed bezel at the back thus making it a perfect improvised weapon.

— Easy to operate
A handgun may require one to have experience on how to use. For a flashlight o specialized skills or training need to operate it, just switching on and off. To add on that, carrying it does not create unnecessary attention and you can enjoy movement without restrictions. It is not like someone who is carrying a pocketknife who may be denied access to some areas.

— Cheap to buy
It does not require fortunes for one to purchase. in fact, it costs a few dollars. This is cheaper than other personal defense gadgets. In addition, no permit is required for you to own it.

Qualities of a good tactical flashlight

— Small sized
Size always is of great concern to everybody. Unlike the old type of flashlights, the current ones are small sized therefore easy to carry comfortably on pockets and small purses. At least, nobody will even notice you are carrying something.

— Quality of light
A good flashlight should be capable of producing a strong beam of light, this is because when you direct it to the attackers eyes, to have an instant effect on them. It should have more than 20 lumens and above.

— Water and dust proof
It should be able to work under wet and dusty conditions without being compromised. These conditions usually affect the performance of most electronics.

— Energy saving
LED technology is ideal these days since it uses less energy, produces more light and does not break more easily.

Using a tactical flashlight in dark places

When walking through darkness, it is advisable to keep your flashlight off. This helps your eyes to adapt to the darkness and avoid being tracked by the attacker. It is advisable to first switch on the light, analyze the area then switch off the light. After this keeps on moving, after a while repeat the procedure. This will confuse the attacker since he will realize the target is in motion. If you have a gun, holds the flashlight near your head and aim the gun to the target using the other hand. This has proved effective than holding both gun and flashlight together. If you are unarmed, you can immobilize the attacker by illuminating his eyes this will impair his vision for a while and you can use the flashlight to smash his head.

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